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Fast Acting Relief For Arthritis, Joint & Muscle Pain
And Sports Injuries



From arthritis sufferers to weekend athletes there's one thing all joint and muscle pain victims know well….once the pain killers wear off, the pain comes back.


Unlike temporary relief pain killers and anti-inflammatories like aspirin that only treat the symptoms, PAIN DEFENSE™ helps address the very cause of the pain.


During our lifetime, factors such as aging, arthritis, injuries, sports and fitness related strains, diet and just plain wear and tear cause our joints and muscles to degenerate and weaken. Today, numerous new studies reveal specific, natural compounds that play a key role in optimizing joint and muscle health. This is good news for the millions of people who wish to remain active well into their later years.


This optimum pain relief system is one that works from the inside-out to promote immediate, as well as long term relief.

, advanced pain technology system represents a breakthrough in pain relief. PAIN DEFENSEoffers two scientifically designed internal and external formulas that provide optimum support, prevention and treatment for joint and muscle pain, working from the inside - out.


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